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  1. Landscape Gardening
  2. Garden Maintenance
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  4. Decking
  5. Features
  6. Water Features
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  8. Structures
  9. Sheds
  10. Greenhouses
  11. Garden Wall Design
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  13. Design
  14. Play Equipment
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  17. Animal and Bird Enclosures Ensuring Protection and Safety
  18. Rain Water Harvesting
  19. Tree Surgery
  20. Lawn Care and Irrigation

Designing for Future Maintenance

We take the time to understand what you want to achieve with your outdoor space. We ensure that our plan takes account of the time you want to dedicate to future maintenance.

Planting for success

Garden design, plant selection, positioning and aesthetics are complex dynamics that we advise you on. Planting in the wrong place is costly inasmuch as bad design can be irritating for years. We ensure that your garden is planned to meet your outdoor living lifestyle.

Our 6 stage process:

Stage 1 Initial Consultation

We listen to your brief and answer any technical questions you have to help your thinking process. We ensure that your aspirations are aligned with your budget. We can offer you estimated costings, an aesthetic viewpoint with advice on maintenance costs and an evaluation of what your ongoing commitment will be.

Stage 2 Engineering a Scope

By understanding your personal needs and aspirations for your outdoor space we discuss, refine, understand and agree a budget to ensure that any work undertaken hereafter is relevant to what you expect to pay. The scope governs our deliverable commitments to you. What you want, where you want it and how it should look.

Stage 3 Outline Design

At this stage we draw out your space and ensure that everything 'fits'. Marking out the ground from drawings and then walking the space together will give you a feel for aesthetics, space and ambiance. At this stage you can still change your mind always considering the budget.

Stage 4 Construction Drawings.

Any technical objects such as walls, buildings, block pavings, or general features will be specified and accurately costed to ensure that what you want is going to work.

Stage 5 Project Management

We agree the working window to ensure minimum disruption to you and maximum value for your budget. We ensure implementation is seamless and you are kept up to date throughout.

Stage 6 Sign Off

At the end of the project we will walk you through an inspection and obtain your satisfaction before we vacate the site.

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Our Services:

  • Estate Maintenance
  • Garden Maintenance
  • Garden & Site Clearance
  • Stone, Brick & Block Walling
  • Wooden Structures
  • Patios
  • Decking
  • Fencing
  • Driveways
  • Paths & Steps
  • Mowing
  • Strimming
  • Hedge Cutting
  • Turf Laying & Seeding